1. magictransistor:

    Salvador Dali, Manhattan Skyline (The Year Of The Dragon), Lithograph, 1976.

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  3. thewoodbetween:

    Shiro Kasamatsu - Night in Summer (1957)

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  4. wandrlust:

    Gold Car Butte by Michael Ormerod

  5. joshwool:

    John McCauley of Deer Tick - newportfolkfest


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    Ilulissat, Greenland | Gaaba Jensen

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  11. theantidote:

    Nina Simone - Sinnerman

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  12. whiskeyandbacon:

    If I found a nickel, I’d find a game

    If I won a dollar, I’d make it rain

    If it rained an ocean, I’d drink it dry

    Lay me down, dissatisfied

    Heard this song this morning and felt the need to share it.  Without question my favorite TVZ song, which is like picking a favorite child for me. 

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  14. cartimanduas:

    it was a snatch. a million tops. it wasn’t supposed to be the crime of the bleedin’ century.

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